10Duke Enterprise release 3 documentation is no longer being updated

Manage groups using Graph API

Create a group and associate it with an organization

POST /graph

  "__objType": "ProfileGroup",
  "name": "Employees",
  "referenceFields": {
    "__objType": "HashMap",
    "Entries": [{
      "__objType": "KeyValue",
      "value": {
        "__objType": "String",
        "value": "${ORGANIZATION_ID}"
      "key": {
        "__objType": "String",
        "value": "ref_Organization_id"
  "id": "a99f9f51-97cb-4486-86b9-2e08de5cfcd1",
  "type": "employees"

Query all ProfileGroup objects associated with an organization


Add a user to an organization

This example adds a user to a profile group associated with an organization.

POST /graph

  • You can repeat the profileGroupId parameter several times to add the user to several groups.

  • allowAlreadyAdded=false makes sure that the same user is not added twice to the same group. Set the flag to true if you intentionally want to create duplicate group memberships.

  • You can use the “Query all ProfileGroup objects related to an organization” query to determine the ProfileGroup id.

Remove a user from an organization

POST /graph


Or alternatively, remove from specific profile groups:

POST /graph

  • You can repeat the profileGroupId parameter several times to remove the user from several groups.

  • allowAlreadyRemoved=true controls whether or not the call returns an error if the user is not a member in the group specified in the call.

Accept or decline an organization group invitation

POST /graph HTTP/1.1

  • $INVITATION_TOKEN is the plain text secret delivered to the user.

  • $ACTION can take the values accept and decline.


POST /graph HTTP/1.1