10Duke Enterprise release 3 documentation is no longer being updated

Introduction to 10Duke SysAdmin

10Duke SysAdmin is the tool used by the system administrators of a deployed 10Duke Enterprise system to define the product configuration, manage identities, connect applications, and grant licenses.

You can use SysAdmin to:

Some of these features are also available in 10Duke OrgAdmin, where organization administrators can manage their organization’s purchased licenses, users, and device clients.

Below you find a quick walkthrough of the SysAdmin tool.

Access SysAdmin

To access SysAdmin, you need a 10Duke Enterprise user account with system administrator access rights.

Go to the SysAdmin URL of your 10Duke Enterprise installation:

https://<your 10Duke Enterprise instance>/sysadmin

How you sign up and log in depends on how user authentication has been implemented for your company’s 10Duke Enterprise installation. User authentication can be done, for example, by using the 10Duke Login Application component, social login, or an integration to a third-party system, such as your CRM.

When you log in to SysAdmin, you first come to the home page.

Use the sidebar navigation on the left to navigate to the different SysAdmin features. To hide and show the sidebar, click the arrow icon in the top toolbar.

In the top toolbar on the right, you can access your profile settings and log out from SysAdmin.

At the top, the home page has the same navigation shortcuts as the Identity dashboard.

Data tables

When you view information in tables in the different SysAdmin sections, the tables provide some common features.

  • Select which columns to show in the table. Click Columns and select the columns you want.

  • Sort the table by column. Click the double arrow icon next to a column title to change the sorting order.

  • Search the table content per column. Enter text in a search field below the column title and the table is updated automatically.

  • On some pages, you can select several items in the table, and clear all selections by clicking Clear selection.

  • Use the pagination options below the table to browse longer tables.

    • In the menu, select how many items are shown on one table page.

    • Click the page numbers or arrow icons to move between the table pages.

Technical requirements and limitations

  • The availability of some SysAdmin features depends on your system configuration. This means that the documentation may describe features or options that you don’t see in SysAdmin. Contact the 10Duke Integration Support team if needed.

  • In all SysAdmin fields, the maximum value length is 2048 characters.