10Duke Enterprise release 3 documentation is no longer being updated

Authorize users to use organization licenses

You authorize end users to consume an organization’s licenses by using user groups.

Learn more about groups and how you authorize access to licenses with them.

View which user groups have access to licenses

In each entitlement, you can see which user groups have access to the licenses in that entitlement:

  1. In the left sidebar, go to ENTITLEMENTS > Organization.

  2. Click Change organization, search and select the organization, and click Confirm.

    The organization’s entitlements table opens.

  3. Select the entitlement, and go to the Authorized consumers > User groups tab.

    The table shows all of the organization’s user groups.

    Check the Has access column to see which groups have access to this entitlement.

    As a shortcut, you can also create, edit, and delete user groups using the options in the Actions menu. See more information on creating and deleting user groups.

    Note that if you create a new user group here, it’s not automatically granted access to this entitlement.

Grant access to licenses to user groups

Before you start:

To grant user groups access to an entitlement’s licenses:

  1. Go to the entitlement’s Authorized consumers > User groups tab as described above.

  2. Select the user groups to grant access to, and select Actions > Grant access.

Users in those user groups can now start consuming the licenses.

To add users to the authorized groups, you can either invite them to the groups or add them to the groups without an invitation.

Similarly, you can remove a user from the user groups to remove their access to the licenses.

Remove access to licenses from user groups

When you remove a user group’s access to an entitlement, the users in the group lose access to the licenses, and any seat reservations made for the users are released (unless the users belong to another user group that allows them access to the same licenses).

To remove access to an entitlement’s licenses from user groups:

  1. Go to the entitlement’s Authorized consumers > User groups tab as described above.

  2. Select the user groups and select Actions > Revoke access.

If a user is currently consuming an organization license they no longer have access to, they are able to continue consuming the license until the license lease expires or the client application tries to refresh the lease, whichever comes first.